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Cases Handled by the Hall & Gisi Law Office:

Kirkpatrick v. City of Olathe, 39 Kan. App.2d 162, 178 P.3rd 667 (2008) reversed by Kansas Supreme Court in 215 P.3rd 561 (2009).  The Kansas Supreme Court upheld the District Court decision that the City was liable for inverse condemnation for water leaking into a basement resulting from a roundabout project and liable for the owner’s attorney fees based upon interpretation of state and federal regulations.  

Rodrock Enterprises, L.P. v. City of Olathe and Olathe Planning Commission, 28 Kan App 2nd 860, 211 P.3rd 598 (2001).  The Court of Appeals upheld a decision by the Planning Commission to deny an application for a preliminary plat because the plat did not conform to the Woodland Road Corridor Study.   

City of Olathe v. Stott, 253 Kan.786, 861 P.2nd 1287 (1993).  In this landmark case, the Kansas Supreme Court upheld the jury award on the value of a petroleum-contaminated truck stop acquired by eminent domain by the City.  The District Court and Supreme Court held that evidence pertaining to reduction in property value attributable to risk or stigma associated with the environmental contamination was admissible in a jury trial.