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Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Condemnation can be an emotional matter for an individual to face  By law, property owners have certain rights, including compensation for the taking and damage caused by the condemnation action.  We can ensure that those rights are kept if and when you face this process. 

We have extensive experience in all areas of eminent domain, including: appraisals, city's offer to buy the property, negotiation, condemnation proceedings, and inverse condemnation claims. You may be entitled to more than what the city or county may initially offer you.   If a government entity wants to buy your property, you have constitutional rights to be protected under the law of eminent domain.  

Offers, Appraisals and Negotiation:  Generally, all government entities will hire an appraiser to make an offer to acquire an easement, part of your property, or your entire property.  We can acquire our own appraiser to ensure that you receive the fair market value or fair/just compensation for the property taken.  There are other damages that we can pursue in negotiations with the governmental entity that you may not be aware of, such as: value of trees or landscaping lost, restriction of access, impact on the remainder of your property, and tax consequences to you.  

Condemnation Proceeding:  If negotiation fails, we will represent you in the condemnation proceeding where the court will appoint three disinterested appraisers.  We know which appraisers tend to be favorable to the landowners and we know how to provide a good appraisal and case to the court-appointed appraisers to obtain the best possible award for you.  

Jury Trial:  If you are not satisfied with the court-appointed appraisers award, then we will file an appeal and continue to negotiate with the government entity to obtain the best favorable settlement for you.   If not, we can proceed to try your case before a jury.  

Inverse Condemnation:  Many property owners are not aware that they may be entitled to compensation for property damages or property taken by a governmental entity.  Inverse condemnation occurs if the local governmental entity physically damaged your property due to a construction project or took any part of your property, but chose not to treat it as condemnation.   There are many situations and issues to consider whether inverse condemnation occur which we can assist you with.

Relocation Assistance and Moving Expenses:  In addition to compensation for the taking or damage of the property, the property owner may be entitled to relocation assistance if he has to move his business or family to another location. The total amount of relocation assistance can be much more than simple relocation expenses.  We will be able to discuss whether you will be entitled to relocation assistance.    

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