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Real Estate Law

Purchase and Sale of Real Property (residential or commercial):  We can negotiate and prepare real estate contracts for sale or purchase of residential, industrial, or commercial property.  There are a number of conditions to consider in every real estate transaction, including appraisal, environmental reports, disclosure statements, inspection agreements, financing arrangements, planning/zoning approvals, extension of time to purchase, title reports, title searches, review of title documents (easements, association declaration, restrictions, etc.)  In today's world, it is more than ever buyer beware.  

Zoning/Planning:  We provide legal services for land use and zoning concerns in almost all situations.  A common mistake for some purchasers of commercial or industrial property is the lack of knowledge of the land-use restrictions that the local government may place on the property for which the purchase was intended to be used or what the purchaser can build or expand on the property.  

Title Search/Title Report:  A common mistake for most purchasers is an assumption that all title related matters, including easements, right-of-way, driveway restrictions, land-use, restrictions, utility documents, and other unknown documents would be covered under the title insurance or title commitment reports.  In most situations, the title commitment report would list these title related matters as "exceptions" or "subject to" the title of the property being conveyed to the purchase.   It is important that a real estate attorney conducts a complete review of the title report and related documents to allow for the purchaser to object to any condition or document that may impact the use of the property as intended.  

Lease Agreement:  We offer legal services in review of lease agreements.  Is the agreement more favorable for the landlord or tenant or is it fair and equitable?  Important considerations all persons should consider before signing or entering into a lease.

Financing:  We provide legal assistance to landowners or developers seeking financing for purchase or development of industrial or commercial tracts, including Industrial Revenue Bonds, Benefit District formation, and other financing tools.   

Litigation Involving Trespass, Property Damage, and Nuisance:  You can sue another person or a governmental entity for trespass, nuisance or property damage.  Parties who knowingly entered onto your property without permission can be held liable for trespass; Nuisance is where repeated incidents cause damage to the property or to the use of the property by the owner. 

***Disclaimer: This web site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.