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Traffic and Criminal Law

Traffic Tickets:  We can handle all traffic citations and help you in several ways.  There may be fines and court costs associated with your violation(s) that add up into the hundreds of dollars.  Additionally, auto insurance rates may increase and, in some circumstances, the violation could result in suspension of your driver’s license or worse.  Hiring an attorney to assist you with traffic tickets will save you not only money but also time waiting in municipal court through a number of available legal remedies -- including amendments and diversion.  

D.U.I. Charge:  If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence, there are two separate matters to consider.  

The first matter is that charges potentially result in substantial fines, jail times and suspension or revocation of your driver's license.  Moreover, there are several factors to consider in determining the impact of the D.U.I. charges on you, including mandatory jail time, substantial court fines exceeding $1,000, suspended or revoked driver license for a substantial period of time, and required courses to attend for first time offender. 

There are different consequences and remedies that come along with a D.U.I. arrest.  These consequences and remedies most commonly turn on circumstances surrounding the arrest as well as whether there are prior D.U.I. convictions.  There is the possibility of being placed in a diversion program, which still includes the high court fines and fees, a requirement to complete an alcohol treatment program, a 12-month alcohol and drug abstinence period, and other matters to follow.  It is important to know that KSA 8-1567 counts a diversion for a D.U.I. as a conviction if the person is ever charged with D.U.I. and the proposed driver license suspension as set out in DC-27 may still remain in effect.   

The second important matter deals with what is commonly known as a “DC-27 Hearing.”  “DC-27” refers to a pink sheet commonly given by police officers to the person they are arresting at the time of the stop.  This pink sheet entitles you, the arrestee, to request an administrative hearing with the Kansas Department of Revenue within 10 days of when you received the DC-27.  If you fail to request the administrative hearing, you will be barred from challenging the suspension of your driving privileges.  There are a number of issues and matters to consider in this administrative hearing that we can address and assist you with.   

Criminal Law:  We can handle your misdemeanor charges filed in Municipal Court or Johnson County District Court.  Depending on the charge(s) and circumstances, a plea bargain or an agreement can be reached with the prosecutor to resolve the criminal matter when appropriate.  Other potential outcomes include a reduction or amendment in the charge, one or more of the multiple charges being dismissed, pleading guilty to a lesser offense, or securing a more lenient sentence.  Be aware that any criminal conviction may result in incarceration and high court fines/restitution, and can impact the individual being charged with a crime, including the criminal charge being placed on the individual record that may impact his employment, family relationships, professional licenses, welfare benefits, or use of firearms

***Disclaimer: This web site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.