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Limited Action Cases

We offer legal expertise in defending defendants in limited action cases involving a request for monetary judgment filed in Johnson County District Court.   Usually, credit card companies, lenders, and other parties will file a petition for a monetary judgment in limited action court if the amounts owed is $25,000 or less.

We provide legal counseling for you to decide  if any of the following options are right for you:

· We will review the petition and any supporting document to determine whether the amounts owed as set out in the petition is accurate and proper.   In some cases,  we found that the amounts owed is not accurate or proper and challenged the Plaintiff to produce the documents to support their case.    · 

In some cases, the account or the actual charge is old.  The case can be dismissed due to the state law on statute of limitation.  

· In some cases, we are able to negotiate and obtain a settlement for our clients to pay a lower amount for the amounts owed.  With the possibility of filing for bankruptcy, plaintiffs are more willing to settle for a lower amount owed.  

· We can file an answer to the petition for monetary judgment.  Filing an answer will delay the case several months to give you time to consider several options, including a settlement of owing less money than what the party is asking for or to file for bankruptcy.