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Leonard Hall Opens Law Office

Leonard Hall, a lifetime Olathe resident, is opening an law office in downtown Olathe with Blair Gisi.  After 29 years serving as Assistant City Attorney, Leonard said he is looking forward to being a private attorney.

Leonard asked Blair to join him as he wants to provide a full range of legal services for Olathe residents. 

Blair will focus on divorce, family law, traffic tickets, criminal law, contract law, and business law. Leonard will focus on probate, wills, estate planning, real estate, business law and tax appeal along with divorce for those over the age of 50.    

Probate attorneys in estate planning are now spreading the news  that unless Congress acts soon, the federal estate tax exemption will revert back to $1 million and the tax rate can reach 55%. 

Leonard said there are a lot of Olathe residents who have investment and properties, including their single-family house,  where the total valuation can easily exceed $1 million. 

Many residents do not realize the tax consequences.

Leonard said it is important to review your estate plan as there are ways to avoid probate. For those not having estate exceeding $1 million, there is still the Medicaid planning which may take a 5-year plan for senior citizens who may need to enter into assisted living center or nursing home.

Medicaid can pay for the monthly expenses of $3,000 to $5,000 for assisted living center or nursing home care, if the family can start planning several years in advance. 

For tax appeal, there is a big advantage for area businesses to hire a good tax appeal attorney as the real property valuation done by the County may not have accurately reflected the substantial decline in commercial and industrial properties due to the current economy.

For real estate and other contracts, Blair and Leonard have the necessary legal background to provide sound legal advice.  Leonard said there are several other areas where their law office can help Olathe residents with. 

Hall and Gisi Law office is located at 103 N. Chestnut Street in downtown Olathe across from the post office.  The web site is www.HallandGisiLaw.com and the phone number is 913 782 4470.